Amateur Dramatics in Castle Camps for all ages
TopCats is the name of our up
and coming 8-18 year old
starlets, run and organised by
CATS Secretary Dawn
CATS are a friendly Amateur
Dramatics group based in the
village of Castle Camps,
Cambridgeshire, on the
borders of Essex and Suffolk,
just a three mile drive away.

The exact location of our
performances is at Castle
Camps Village Hall (CB21
Amateur Dramatics
On 15th February 2019 Our President and Backstage Manager Gordon Snead sadly passed away.

Here is a copy of the Tribute written and read out by our Chairman at Gordons funeral:

Our President has passed at 84
But He still would’ve given you a quote
To Carpet your floor
I suspect he would have needed a bit of a hand
But the price would’ve been good
Well under a Grand!
At over six feet tall and as strong as an ox
And with a full head of  hair
He was our very own ‘silver fox’
As our back stage manager
He would design and make
With a staple gun and cardboard
He’d say ‘’that’s all it’ll take’’
With an A frame here
And a lead weight there
They’re so easy to knock up
He’d often make a pair.!
Each show had His artwork
Well, just enough to get by
I remember that bloody palm tree
That nearly took out my eye!
It was 6 foot tall with a lean to the right
From the audience perspective
It was a remarkable sight
Backstage it was a nightmare
You had to lay it down like glass
Then you’d walk past with care
And a branch would poke you up yer arse
At production time in our lock up
We had a game of ‘Guess where it is?
But Gordon always knew where it was
He would never get in a tiss
It’s under those wosnames
In a box over there
And sure enough who needs a Sat Nav
There they were, yet another pair
But before work commenced
The words ‘Stick the The kettle on’ rang through
Followed by I won’t be a minute
I’m just off to the loo
The kettle boils
But there’s something wrong
We have hot water
But the milks off and the tea bags have gone
Nothing to drink in our hour of need
No tea bag replacements here
By Gordon Snead
He loved it in our lock up making stuff and drinking tea
But when it comes to replacing teabags
I’m sure it was always Me
But the show must go on as it always did
Gordon rarely produced invoices
For all the stuff that he did
Generous to the end although I had fallen foul of His trait
I suppose It was my fault
I was gullible and took the bait
In town, he’d ask ‘whilst there’ get me
A cheese and tomato baguette
But on numerous occasions
No payment received……as yet
On Return to the table he’d be telling friends a story
And it was Hard to bring up payment
Whilst he revelled in glory
Amusement followed as the story came from His mouth                          
His teeth would detach
And Dance North and South
So On many occasions we’d say just for fun
‘We could fix em in’
We’ll get your staple gun!
Gordon was never offended
He took it all in His stride
And His teeth would calm down
When food was applied
There are so many humourus stories
That could be told over all the years
Yes, Recent events
Do bring us to tears
But we shall remember our President
With love and affection Right up to the end
At  CATS we have lost our President
And a Very Good Friend
So, as the final scene plays out
And the Finale’ brings us to the end
We give thanks to THE Man who
We could always depend
So for Gordon who gave so much to our cause
We give YOU a deserved round of applause.
Chairman: Trevor Bishop
President: Gordon Snead
Secretary: Dawn Tabram  ·  E-Mail: