Amateur Dramatics
Man1…..I was told by my Grandma that it was a family tradition that on your 18th Birthday you could walk on water & that 3 generations had all walked on water to get to the Pub on the other side of the lake for their first legal drink.

Man 2…..So did you carry on the tradition?

Man 1…..Well, my mate rowed me to the middle of the lake & I stepped out of the boat and I nearly drowned. I was so furious, I went to my Grandma & asked why I couldn’t keep up the family tradition that my Grandpa, Great Grandpa had achieved.

Man 2…..What did she say.

Man 1…..She looked into my eyes & said. Well, you were born in August, your Grandparents were all born in December when the lake was frozen over. You Stupid Boy.

1st Lady…..We had a sweepstake on our mystery tour coming here today.

2nd Lady…..Who won it?

1stLady…..The Driver

Man1…..I came past your Farm yesterday and I saw you dancing naked in front of your Tractor, why were you doing that?

Man2…..Well me and me Missus haven’t been getting on so well in the bedroom lately, so my Doctor says "I need to do something sexy to a Tractor".