Amateur Dramatics
Chairman: Trevor Bishop
President: Gordon Snead
Secretary: Dawn Tabram 
Order of Shows Performed by Camps Amateur Theatrical Society
*(previously CADS)

*1997    Mother Goose

*1998    Nearly South Pacific

*1999    Variety Show

*2000    Aladdin (Building of New Hall)

*2003    Treasure Island

*2004    Make em Laugh

*2005    Jack & the Beanstalk

*2005    Assorted Sketches venue: Saffron Walden

*2006    Sinbad

*2006    Assorted Sketches venue: Little Chesterford

*2006    Assorted Sketches venue : Saffron Walden

*2007    Dr Jekyll & Mrs Hyde

*2008    King Arthur

*2009    Variety Show

*2010    St Nicholas Hospice Charity Show

*2010    St Nicholas Hospice Charity Show venue: Steeple Bumpstead

2010    Battle of Britain Memorial Show

2011    Ali Ba Ba

2012    Queens Jubilee Show

2012    We Entertained the Good Companions

2013    Sleeping Beauty

2013    Anything Goes

2014    The Good Old Days

2015    Robin Hood

2015    Robin Hood  venue: Hundon

2015    CATS  Re visited

2016    Cats re visited : re named for Hundon venue, ‘Make em laugh’

2017    She Pyrates of the Carrybean

2017    Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

2019    Here We Go Again