Amateur Dramatics
Chairman: Trevor Bishop
President: Gordon Snead
Secretary: Dawn Tabram 
News from Trevor Bishop, CATS Chairman

Although heavily involved with scenery for our next productions (Top Cats and Cats), our President Gordon Snead has also had time to complete the installation of a sink and relevant tiling around the sink area. This has been completed whilst overseeing the handing over of our old storage shed to the Toddler Group based at Castle Camps Village Hall.

Our old storage facility (the wooden shed) has served us proud for over ten years now, but still has the potential of serving many more years for the Toddler group. Originally the shed gained a lottery grant way back when grants where the “new way to go” if funding was a problem. A very hands-on CADS group (as we were known then) made good a concrete base that will definitely stand the test of time. So all in all the wooden shed and the base may well out live some modern day look alike.

Of course the base that Cats and Top Cats inherited (the old football changing rooms) was built not long after the war and will also stand the test of time. A bit like our President who doesn’t see age as a restriction!

Recently we have used our savings to buy a prefabricated building which sits to the rear of Castle Camps Village Hall, our new building is used as a store for all our costumes and scenery. The recent addition of electric and water allows us to be self-sufficient when it comes to scenery making, storage and tea making of course.

Latest News: 28.1.17
Back in 2015 CATS and Top Cats bought and erected their new storage facility, conveniently situated behind the Castle Camps Village Hall. This was the site of the old football changing rooms way back when football at Castle Camps was a force to be reckoned with.

Once the old building had been removed a nice flat base was revealed. Moving on in time to almost exactly a year later, the Parish Council decided after our building was in situ for that year (well they did have a turbulent time with the outgoing football set up) to instigate a contract for us, which, in its first 44 page format would have meant asking permission to basically breathe.  Well, good news! After yet another year passing and a culling of many clauses in our original contract, which brought our page count down to 22, we have finally signed along the dotted lines.

But, just when things look signed and sealed, there became a matter of Land Registry? Yes, we have to register the leasing of the building with Land Registry at a nominal sum of £40 (hopefully for the lifetime of our occupancy).  As no forms or documents have been forthcoming from Land Registry to date, I cannot comment on what this allows us to do or be aware of. Who Knows?…read on.  One thing is certain, if we hadn’t had the help of Neville Drummond, regarding the contract and land registration a few more years may have passed and a cricket pavilion would be in our place. Ho Hum.

Latest News: 21.2.17
Christmas comes 10 months early for Castle Camps Village Hall

Due to the generosity of Camps Amateur Theatrical Society the Village Hall has been blessed with 120 new light weight stackable chairs. For many years now hirers of the village hall have had to contend with heavy non stackable chairs and due to their excessive weight the old chairs were dragged across the floor which in turn was ruining the hall floor.

For many years now all excess chairs were stacked on the stage as a form of storage area. As an Am Dram group we hire the hall specifically for the use of the stage and found that every rehearsal would start with the de mounting of chairs off the stage, only to return them after rehearsals.

This is now a thing of the past, all the old heavy chairs have gone and there is also a nice little trolley to manoeuvre 8 chairs at a time out of the storage room to wherever you want them within the hall.

We do hope that all hirers look after these chairs, they are robust and will last for many years if treated well.

Please try them out at our next production, you won’t be disappointed.